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Tuesday 12/17/13 – Final Class & Final Info

On Tuesday 12/17 /13 we will conclude our semester with the balance of individual student presentations. Presentations should not exceed 5-7 minutes, please be aware of this. We have 12-13 students presenting on this evening.

*All final thesis and research papers are due by midnight of the 17th.  I will accept hard copies or e-mail submissions.

*All reactive writing assignments that are posted on our blog are due by midnight of the 17th, although the blog will stay active and you may continue to contribute to it after the 17th, you will be graded based upon what is completed.

* If you have some outstanding photos or images from the many events during our class time, please e-mail them to me so that I may include them on the blog for archiving (some of you have done this already.)

*** Any questions about anything related to our class, assignments, due dates and otherness should contact me ASAP!

See you Tuesday night!

Written Assignments

Dear Class,

As we begin our individual student presentations this Tuesday 12/10 & 12/17, Please be sure to submit all of the short reaction based blog assignments no later than Wednesday 12/18/13.

All written assignments are due by this date.

Required Course Assignments:

1. Mid-term critique artist statement / Personal Manifesto posted to our class blog.

2. Hillwood Art Museum & Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” project reactions posted to our class blog.

3. Written interview with a fellow artist classmate. Hard copy to be handed in.

4. 2 Guest artist presentation reactions posted to our class blog.

5. Written & Tangible contribution to our class collaboration project posted to our class blog.

6A. Outline, Draft and Final Thesis Paper. (If you are graduating in May.) Handed in as a hard copy or via e-mail.

6B. Outline, Draft, & Final Research Paper. (If you are not graduating in May.) Handed in as a hard copy or via e-mail.

7. 10 Minute oral/visual presentation of your thesis or research paper content.

See you on Tuesday.

Class info for Tuesday 12/3/13 @ 5 PM

Class Reminder for Tuesday 12/3/13 @ 5 PM

1. Thesis and Research paper Drafts are due! Please e-mail me a copy or bring a hard copy to our class.

2. We will be having a Guest Artist Presentation & Critique that will begin @ 5 PM. It is not mandatory to bring a piece of your current work, but it you wish to engage in a dialog with our guest artist about your work, please bring one piece to discuss.

3. A sign up sheet will be passed around for individual student presentations beginning on 12/10 & ending on 12/17. Each student will give an image supported 5-7 minute talk about their thesis / research paper work. Q&A will follow.

See you soon.