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Class Collaboration Exercise of 10/30/18

Collaboration Synopsis:

This is a studio work session / reflective exercise based class.

Students will chose to bring in the materials of their choice (not mandatory but you may choose to) to generate, complete and present their group outcomes during this class session. If you have a lap top computer, this would be a good class to bring it to (not mandatory but may prove useful).

This class project is generated, documented, presented and critiqued in immediacy all in one class session. We will record our process and results by publishing them to our class blog. (This!) Each group will submit a statement of their piece and then individually respond below to the project as whole.

(Outcomes are below)


LIU group 1.jpg

Group 1 – Tranquil Tuesday

Statement – Our focus is a search for peace and calmness in the midst of chaos…whatever it is that we call chaos today.  Seeking to find the same visual language despite having different artistic approaches.  In the end, we’ve accomplished the creation of an image through a collaborate effort.  In the image, we find peace in things of nature and the organic world


Group 2 – Collaboration

Statement – In response to current events of the later 2018 year, our group decided to embrace positivity. After deciding on a common theme and color scheme, each member contributed their own style to the creation of our symbol of peace. While the piece consists of a variety of materials, such as watercolor, acrylic paints and chalk pastels, the piece was unified by each member to represent peace.


Each student will leave a comment below about the project by answering the following questions:

1. What did you learn the most through this collaborative experience?

2. How did the immediacy of the project’s time-frame effect your decision making and ability to work in a group?

3. What will you apply into your writing practice as a result of this experience?

4. In reflection, what would you have done differently and why?