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Written Assignments

Dear Class,

As we begin our individual student presentations this Tuesday 12/10 & 12/17, Please be sure to submit all of the short reaction based blog assignments no later than Wednesday 12/18/13.

All written assignments are due by this date.

Required Course Assignments:

1. Mid-term critique artist statement / Personal Manifesto posted to our class blog.

2. Hillwood Art Museum & Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” project reactions posted to our class blog.

3. Written interview with a fellow artist classmate. Hard copy to be handed in.

4. 2 Guest artist presentation reactions posted to our class blog.

5. Written & Tangible contribution to our class collaboration project posted to our class blog.

6A. Outline, Draft and Final Thesis Paper. (If you are graduating in May.) Handed in as a hard copy or via e-mail.

6B. Outline, Draft, & Final Research Paper. (If you are not graduating in May.) Handed in as a hard copy or via e-mail.

7. 10 Minute oral/visual presentation of your thesis or research paper content.

See you on Tuesday.