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ART 550 Assignments – Week of 9/19

Dear Class,
Great dialogs last night during our class!

Please see our Assignments for the week of 9/19 – 9/26 below.

1. Please feel free to re-review the Interviews with the Top Contemporary Artists that we looked at yesterday – https://art550art503liupost.com/2017/09/19/artist-interviews-top-contemporary-artists-or-are-they/
(Leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you wish. I would greatly appreciate your feedback, input and expressions. Commenting regularly is great practice. It will help you form a new habit of becoming more outspoken and immediate with your first impressions to new exposure and experiences. It puts you in touch with your impressions and gives you the ability to respond immediately.)

2. MFA/MA Thesis Writing Guide – Please read and respond in the form of a comment on the How to Write Your MFA in Fine Art essay on my blog. Please comment directly on the blog post itself. Go here – https://www.ryanseslow.com/how-to-write-your-mfa-thesis-in-fine-art-and-beyond/

3. For this coming week, please take a few minutes to write down a series of interview questions that you would like to ask artists like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Mariko Mori, James Turrel, Kara Walker or Marina Ambromovic. What would ask them if you had the opportunity to sit down with them for 1 hour? Each studetn should have at least 5 -10 questions. You can write this by hand or type it out, maybe you want to blog about it or share it on social media? The process is wide open. Bring this to class on Tuesday 9/26, we will be conducting a class exercise together.

***I added a new Google Translate button to the righthand sidebar our website. Feel free to translate the website into the language that you prefer. See the Image below.



Welcome to ART 550! Some Info

Welcome  ART 550 Students!

Our first class was this past Tuesday, it was great to meet you all!

This blog is one of our main formats of communication and learning. You will be receiving an e-mail each time there is a new publication. Reacting and responding regularly for currently enrolled students is mandatory. Alumni and those who have already taken the course are encouraged to participate and share with us!

Between now and this coming Tuesday, I would love for you to take a peek at our class syllabus – it is located here.

I would also like for you to leave a comment below describing your impressions of our first class. Feel free to share or express anything you felt or would like to expand upon.

Thanks so much!

What is a Manifesto and why is it important to write one?

What is a Manifesto and why is it important to write one?

On 9/27/16 we will dig into the definition of a manifesto as a class. Students will generate experimental manifestos and later post them below.

According to merriam-webster.com : “a manifesto is written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group” This is usually made public to hold one to their statements.”

Examples we will look at::

Manifestos for Art, Life & Business – 






Guest Artist Lecture :: Martynka Wawrzyniak


On Tuesday 11/24/15 artist Martynka Wawrzyniak came to LIU Post to speak & present to our class. Martynka gave a great time line based presentation about her work both past and present. She presented her work directly from her website. (There is much more to discover via her site so please further investigate when you can!)

Martynka led a group critique and spent time speaking with students that had presented a piece of their current work to the class.

Students can leave their reactions below in the comments section.

What did you think of Martynka’s work?

Do you have a favorite piece or project?

Do you resonate with her ideas? If so, how?

How do her initial ideas play a role in how her works will be presented and displayed?

You can contact Martynka via her website here.

ART 550 at LIU Post – Class Blog – Fall 2015

Welcome  Students!

Our first class begins on Tuesday 9/8/15 at 5 PM in Humanities room 117.

This blog is an ongoing continuation for both current students, as well as recently graduated students who have taken this course. Reacting and responding for currently enrolled students is mandatory. Alumni and those who have already taken the course are encouraged to participate and share with us!

You are welcome to share resources, links, news and events that apply to our course criteria as well as anything that you feel would help your fellow art students!


LIU Post Writing Center Contact Info

All students will contact the writing center on campus to have their final research and thesis papers evaluated. You can do this with your current drafts as well.

The Writing Center is located in Humanities Hall, Room 202

Contact them by Phone: 516-299-2732

Contact them by E-mail: Post-WC@liu.edu

Keep in mind that end of semester is near, please contact them today!

Writing center url – http://www.liu.edu/CWPost/Academics/Schools/CLAS/Resources/Writing-Center/Contact-Us