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Guest Artist Presentation & Critique Reactions


On 11/1/16 – Artist, LIU Post Alumnus and Professor Meredith Starr guest Lectured about her work and led students through a class critique of their work.

In the comments section below please share you thoughts and reactions:

What did you thing about Meredith’s work and projects?

What did you think about how Merdedith asserted herself and presented her work?

How did you receive the critique, feed back and sentiments about the work you brought in to class.

How did this class inspire you or activate new awareness to something about yourself?

Please add any additional information you would like to share?

You can check out more of Meredith’s work here – http://meredithstarr.com


Guest Artist Reactions


On Tuesday 11/18/14 conceptual NYC Artist Martynka Wawrzyniak was our guest in professor Ryan Seslow’s MFA / MA ART 550 Art Criticism for Artists class. Martynka gave a presentation of her current work, discussed the works of each student and shared insight on being an artist. Please share your reactions on the presentation. You can also share your feelings on the critique that you received about the selected work that you brought to class.

Please post your reactions on this page –> http://wp.me/P3Px2D-4d

10/7/14 Collaborative Class Project #1

In class on 10/7/14 we will be exploring thesis writing inspiration and potential models for formatting. In class we will be broken up into two groups to generate a collaborative project. Concept creation, art making, documentation, presentation and discussion will be emphasized.

This post will be updated and archived in real time  beginning at 5:15pm

Short-link to the page : http://wp.me/P3Px2D-34